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Unavoidable liverock.bar @rock.Bar

Unavoidable liverock.bar

Fr., 26. Jun. 2015 21:00 @ rock.Bar , Amstetten

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Being in a punk band is the stupidest thing on earth. You’re wasting all your time, break your backs from caring all the heavy stuff from your rehearsal room to gigs and back. You get deaf, being set back a fortune by instruments and stuff, and we haven't even mentioned side effects that harm your lungs, liver, and other organs. You're better off spending your time on practically anything else, but hey in the end most people don't give a fuck on what you're doing.

Honestly we can't really explain why this band still exists. But there is one thing that always leads us back in the rehearsal room. We call it massdestruction and you can feel it as well. It’s in the air. it surrounds us, penetrates us. It makes you doing things you can't explain. Things like blowing you mind away every damn weekend once or twice, having sex with people you never met before, put loads of ink under your skin, or being in a punk band. Things no one benefits from, but they do happen. Definitely. There is no way to fight it. After all those years we'd wish to get rid of it, but it does not make you a damn bit smarter to carry on.

So here we are, only thing we know is massdestruction prevails.



ab 18 Jahren - 21 UHR

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