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The Lemon Lovers@dasBACH

The Lemon Lovers

Di., 20. Feb. 2018 07:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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The Lemon Lovers are a Portuguese Indie band who started performing live in 2013. Besides that, they released their first EP. They often show their songs around the country and abroad, spreading sweet empathy and providing the main ingredients for you to feel the rhythm in your veins. As time pasted by, they released two long-plays ("Loud, Sexy and Rude" (2015) and "Watching the Dancers" (2016)) recorded in analog tape. The band had a long tour around Portugal and two European tours which spread to ten different countries. The response from the public was very enthusiastic.

In February 2018 the band will embark on their third adventure discovering the old continent. Three dozens of concerts and a few thousands of kilometers in asphalt, since teleportation is yet to be invented. Their two LPs will take another spin alongside with some new songs that will please anyone who wants to take a peek into the band’s future. “Watching the Dancers” was recently edited in vinyl and you can get a copy at one of their shows on this longs journey that goes through Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Poland.

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