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Sa., 05. Aug. 2017 19:00 @ WUK , Wien

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Spoon Agency & WUK present SHELLAC.

Shellac is a minimalist hard rock band from Chicago.

Bob plays bass because it suits his posture. Bob does yoga so he has great posture.

Todd plays drums because fuck yes drums are the best. Admit it, you wish you played drums.

Steve plays guitar because he can stop now and then to sing the words.

We don't use an iPad onstage because jesus is there anything more lame (answer: no).

Steve hasn't updated his food blog in over a year, Bob hasn't updated his sailing blog wait he doesn't have a sailing blog but he'll show you pictures on his phone.

Todd might look tough but he's actually super tough.Tough enough to wear two blouses at once.

Lately some of us are into watching people make wooden furniture with hand tools on YouTube.

Before that it was sword making. Also general blacksmithing I guess. One before that was homemade explosives. Pogo stick wipeouts. Bad cover versions. Keep going back and you get cat videos, and from there it's turtles all the way down.

Shellac is not going to quit.!

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