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Master Guitars Tour 2016 BEN WOODS & Thomas Zwijsen

Di., 11. Okt. 2016 20:30 @ Reigen , Wien - Penzing

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Virtuosos of Classical and Flamenco Guitar play IRON MAIDEN JUDAS PRIEST METALLICA and much more...

Mitglieder: BEN WOODS - http://www.spanishguitarplayer.com/ One the most talented, prolific, and sought after Flamenco guitarists in the United States today. Benjamin is best known for single-handedly creating a new genre: Flamenco and Metal, by developing new guitar techniques and arrangements for his groups FLAMETAL and HEAVY MELLOW to the acclaim of fans and guitar enthusiasts around the world. THOMAS ZWIJSEN - http://www.thomaszwijsen.com/ Classically trained guitarist Thomas Zwijsen is best known for his arrangements of rock hits for classical solo guitar. After getting over 6 million views on YouTube, Thomas released his Nylon Maiden album. This successful release was followed by Nylonized and Nylon Maiden II in 2014, both featuring impressive special guests (including members from Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Europe, Ayreon and more). To promote his releases Thomas toured in Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East, playing over 300 shows.


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