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Sa., 24. Mär. 2018 07:00 @ Postgarage , Graz

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"Time does not teach us action or inaction,
but their relationship to one another,
and how to alternate wisely between the two.
This chronological binary is the percussion section of Time’s orchestra.
Sound and silence alternate, but so too do movement and stillness.
Time is thus the mother not only of drummers, but of dancers."

So , Let's get lost !!!
All night long with :

Onkel Tuca
Liquid Sky
and maybe Clemens

------ EsittisE-------

Doors of Perception : 22:00
Postgaragen Cafe

Age rating : 21 +
Dress code : 303 808 909
Minimum requirement : a conscious mind

Please do also note that any use of cell phones
as well as taking pictures
after entering the Doors of Perception is impossible.
Thank you !

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