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Audio visual Illusions@cbck gallery Kunstsalon & Getränke

Audio visual Illusions

Sa., 18. Okt. 2008 21:00 @ cbck gallery Kunstsalon & Getränke , Krems an der Donau

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darko milićević's interactive multimedia-performance with brand-new 11 tracks from his new album SUSPECT + 8 + MELOdIES + never released productions and surprises.
enjoy the SUSPECT-drink for 4,00 € and support the artist / come as you are / free entry
finally, the new album SUSPECT is out now! forget your boring music-collection forever and enjoy darko milicevic's fresh new revolutionary masterpiece of avantgarde-electronic music! order the new album SUSPECT and beware you of your upcoming spiritual freefall! it's not too late...
hear 30-second-previews of the 11 suspicious tracks: http://suspect.darko-milicevic.com

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