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Yawning Man@dasBACH

Yawning Man

Fr., 16. Jun. 2017 20:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Yawning Man (Official)

Yawning Man was born in the Southern California desert in 1986, originally founded by childhood friends Gary Arce, Mario Lalli, Alfredo Hernández and Larry Lalli. The band originally developed its unmistakable sound and vibe from marathon jam sessions in the garage of the band´s shared home in the Coachella Valley.
Eventually taking this freedom approach to countless desert generator parties where the spacious scenic enviromnent would influence the sound and art of the band and 30 years later influence musicians from all over the world.
In the music of Yawning Man dwells everything from the psychedelic to the folkloric, hard rock, roots punk, world music, experimental and improvisational. The sound of this band while hard to describe is both soulful and cinematic, heavy and melancholy. Driving and daydreaming.
Exposing Yawning Man to a broader rock audience would come via the song "Cataraman" as it was recorded by the influential Stoner Rock / Desert Rock band KYUSS, on their 3rd album "And The Circus Leaves Town". Yawning Man has released several full length LP´s, EP´s and live recordings as well as toured Europe and South America extensively for the last 15 years.
Currently the band is touring in support of their latest release "Historical Graffiti" on Lay Bare Records, recorded in Buenos Aires Argentina at the iconic Ion Studios.

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