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WEPA // Cumbia Roots Festival /06.05.2018@Fania Live

WEPA // Cumbia Roots Festival /06.05.2018

So., 06. Mai. 2018 07:00 @ Fania Live , Wien




The WEPA Cumbia Roots Festival is a new tradition. It started in 2017 with the hopes of bringing the roots of this beloved genre to a world platform. Everybody's tía dances cumbia, but a lot of folks don't know that the drums originate in Africa and the accordion is imitating the Colombian "Gaita" flutes. WEPA aims to bring not only live gaita music to you while helping give a voice to the elders and youth of Colombian tradition, but it also intends to start an international Cultural Arts program for youth. One that encourages them to preserve the tradition for the next generation, and empowers them to take this art-form seriously enough to craft it as a vocation. In it's initial year, 2017; the headliners were the legendary Paíto y los Gaiteros de Punta Brava and Trapiche de Colomboy. This year we have none other then Grammy winning, Smithsonian recorded originators of modern Cumbia: "Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto". In an historic moment that unifies the accordion and the gaita and also the original families that founded Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto in 1940, we will have the live hits of the international king of Cumbia, "Andrés Landero" played by the inheriting Cumbia king; his grandson, Yeison Landero! Music is the most obvious form of magic! WEEEEEEPAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

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