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Welcome DIR#6 MoMA with Rakugaki Swinger Club!@Fania Live

Welcome DIR#6 MoMA with Rakugaki Swinger Club!

Mo., 10. Apr. 2017 20:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


Let's welcome our guests from Korea 뽈 (Suyeon Oh) & 길 (Seong Bin Park) with a sweet party at the
Monday Mess Around DIR#6 Welcome Party!

The welcome band:
★★★★ Rakugaki Swinger Club ★★★★
"...eine Riesen Band mit Traumbestzung..."
Michael Hornek: Piano
David Laszlo Marsall: Basssaxophon, Clarinette
Marc Osterer: Trumpet
Martin Spitzer: Guitar
Philipp Moosbrugger: Bass
Gottfried Schnürl: Drums

In the band breaks we will enjoy Mr Rug Cutter on decks.

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