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VR Plauscherl Linz #2@Tabakfabrik

VR Plauscherl Linz #2

Di., 13. Jun. 2017 18:30 @ Tabakfabrik , Linz


We are happy to announce that our location factory300 is the host for the VR Plauscherl #2.

As a courtesy to our international visitors we encourage to prepare all future talks in English.

Talks and Experiences:
- Drone mounted VR - Amago GmbH (Philipp Langebner),
- Storytelling in VR - Responsive Spaces GmbH (Markus Pargfrieder)

RSVP on https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/VR-Plauscherl/events/238738553/

Christoph Pernsteiner / https://www.pcode.at/
Iris Mayr / http://www.irismayr.at/
Thomas Seifried & Jakob Leitner / http://hoylu.com/

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