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Vanilla Sky + Solarjet@B72

Vanilla Sky + Solarjet

So., 17. Mär. 2013 20:00 @ B72 , Wien - Josefstadt

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Eintritt: VVK: 12 / AK: 15



The album title reflects the famous ironic side of the band which grew famous in the last decade: the starting idea to celebrate the ten years anniversary with a more classic and banal self titled, naturally turned into a "motto" which permanently appeared on the group's social networks status in the first years of activity.

The will to maintain a sarcastic feature toward the hollywood masterpiece film becomes a statement which the band relies on to re-launch the most original pop-punk sound which characterised the roman quartet internationally.

While with the previous titles the audience could concentrate on a more syntax based aspect (just think about "Changes" who could be read as a noun, or as a real phrase "Vanilla Sky Changes") with this record the band resets itself by addressing to a new asset: the experience and maturity acquired during the last decade makes the artist the most veteran representative of professional pop punk in Europe, conferring the band the responsibility and the burden to preserve a genre imported first in early 2002 with the first DIY Ep "Play It If You Can't Say It".

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