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The Final OMG at Chaya Fuera@Chaya Fuera

The Final OMG at Chaya Fuera

Sa., 24. Feb. 2018 07:00 @ Chaya Fuera , Wien

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Everything in life has an end – whether you like it or not! After some amazing years it‘s now time for the FINAL CURTAIN CALL at our beloved Chaya Fuera. Remember all your personal party memories at Kandlgasse 19?

But wait! The big bash is still to come: On February 24th we are closing down the house, but we do it the OMG way! So you better take part when we re-celebrate all the excesses, escalations and sexual peaks for the LAST time. And at hour XX we have a very special farewell surprise.

Ready for the final one?

Don’t say we didn’t tell you before

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