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Startup Pool Party by Female Founders & Friends@Pratersauna

Startup Pool Party by Female Founders & Friends

Di., 08. Aug. 2017 07:00 @ Pratersauna , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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☀️☀️☀️ Ready for an epic summer in Vienna?! ☀️☀️☀️

Awesome, we are too!

For all those hardworking startup people without time for a proper vacation we decided to organize a LIT (finally a good reason to use that word) Pool Party - the hottest (or coolest?) get-together of the Austrian startup scene! Coworking during the day - Party in the evening - topped up with some pitching (of course, in the end it's a startup pool party, right?!)

Aaaaand did we mention there is a pool to cool down, coconuts, amazing drinks & some fun pool action?

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