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Sibiir [NOR] + CON ERA [AT]@dasBACH

Sibiir [NOR] + CON ERA [AT]

Do., 05. Apr. 2018 07:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Oslo-based SIBIIR will be on tour with Kvelertak in april. Instead of taking a day off on their tour they decided to do a small detour to play an intimate club show in vienna.

SIBIIR saw first light in 2014, and have been polishing their own special brand of blackened hardcore ever since.

Taking their name from Siberia in Russia, which has the coldest populated town on earth, definitely suits their style. Cold and technical metal with hints of hardcore, thrash, black gaze metal, and a tasteful, fearless joy of pushing genre boundaries.


CON ERA is a five-piece from lower austria and was founded in 2015. After some changes the current lineup is: Bernd (Ex - RENTOKILL, ALVANITE), Max (Ex - THE ANTIPRODUCT), Marlon (GPF - general protection fault), Shaggy (EARased, Ex- THE ANTIPRODUCT) and Daniel (Schmiedeeisn, Ex - THE ANTIPRODUCT). Punkrockers and Metalheads are trying to get their musical backgrounds together. The music you will get ist loud, fast and progressive. We will say it´s Hardcore.

If you haven`t seen them openig for Leftover Crack at ARENA WIEN last summer you can find their first demos on their bandcamp:


ffo: Kvelertak, Enslaved, ...

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