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Sam Chalcraft [UK], Michael Dey [UK], aNNika [AT] - Loop@Loop

Sam Chalcraft [UK], Michael Dey [UK], aNNika [AT] - Loop

Mi., 04. Apr. 2018 07:00 @ Loop , Wien

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From the (not so) underbelly of the DIY Punk scene, through the floaty melody filled waters of folk-indie and pop, right up to wherever the hell we are right now and beyond. Loop and these three Vienna based songwriters invite you to a comprehensive and diverse evening of performance and song.

Come and hang with us mid-week and continue the pilgrimage towards those ever distant, sweet summer nights.

freie Spende with a recommendation of around €5!

Sam Chalcraft (UK)
Sam Chalcraft is a disarming British folk-punk artist from Cornwall. The blend of his Punk Rock roots with singer songwriter delicacies allow for his dynamic voice to shine through, whilst naturally enhancing the ardent investment in both his song writing and live performance. Expect big catchy choruses, fuelled by lyrics and melody steeped in honest sentiment.


Michael Dey (UK)
Michael Dey is a folk-rock artist, born and bred in the bleak and brutal valleys of Northern England, but has since called Vienna home for two years. His vocal melodies soar from broken and delicate depths to defiant and rich highs, sitting somewhere within the song writing styles of John K. Samson, Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, full of stories of his years living in England's capital and touring this continent. Michael is currently embarking on the production of his second record, set for release in Spring 2018.


aNNika (AT)
Melodiöser Indie-Pop - mal lebendig und augenzwinkernd, dann wieder tiefgründig und düster - trifft auf poetisches Songwriting. Die Gitarre- (und Ukulele-) spielende Singer-Songwriterin aNNika verbindet ihr verträumt- melancholisches Liederrepertoire mit Ironie und Charme.


Doors: 20:00

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