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Bar Italia Opening mit Tobias Oliver@Bar Italia

Bar Italia Opening mit Tobias Oliver

Sa., 05. Okt. 2013 22:00 @ Bar Italia , Wien


your favorite italian livingroom is back !

Dj Tobias Oliver ( Superdisko Recordings )


TOBIAS OLIVER is an electronic dance music dj and producer based in Vienna.
He takes up deejaying in the mid 90ies
at club BOURS (by now STUDIO 104) in Ravensburg/Germany, which is next to locations like the legendary CLUB DOUALA or the DOME in Lindau one of the best known underground clubs in the Lake Constance area.

In 1997 he moves to Vienna, one year later, together with Michael Forobosko aka STEREOMIKE, and the musician ALEX IS MY BRO, he founds the radio broadcast STEREO SL, which is the first radio broadcast for electronic music on the viennese free radio station ORANGE 94,0.

His enthusiasm for electronic music and his big love for old school electro and techno of the 80ies and the 90ies occasions him to start producing his own tracks and to found his own label SUPERDISKO RECORDINGS.
Regular club nights and showcases are presented for two nights per month at ELEKTRO GÖNNER, Vienna.

In 2009 he opens with his first digital release WINTER/SUMMER, followed by the 12" vinyl single OBSESSION/OUT OF SPACE in 2011.

As well in 2009 he founds the DATAWELT project together with Patrick Kong and Chris Campregher. Three guys with the same musical visions and only one mission: composing and producing electro music in its finest way - greatly influenced by the old school styles from Detroit and Germany. In this way, DATAWELT loves to be out of the box, using some vintage and modern analog drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers to create a marvellous electronic dancing sound.
HUMAN TECHNOLOGY from DATAWELT came out in february 2011 as 12“ vinyl only and storms the electro charts of some record stores in europe.


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