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✸ Ozone Mama (HU) ✸ BREWTALITY \\ Café Carina, Wien@Café Carina

✸ Ozone Mama (HU) ✸ BREWTALITY \\ Café Carina, Wien

Sa., 17. Dez. 2016 20:00 @ Café Carina , Wien - Josefstadt

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17.12.2016 | Café Carina | 20:00
✸ Ozone Mama
Hungarian high-octane rock n’ roll band Ozone Mama hails from Budapest with a vintage sound reminiscent of the 60’s or 70’s yet swaddled in a modern vibe. They successfully blend an old-school vintage rock with blues, soul and a hard-rocking energy all their own. The band’s energetic live performances perfectly fit at any festival or club line-up. For lovers of the golden-era classic rock, Ozone Mama is definitely worth checking out for some honest-to-goodness rock and roll.
Sponsored by NKA - Cseh Tamás Program.
BREWTALITY is an Austrian Rock Band providing expressive and melodic Rock Songs along with a marvelous Seventies Voice and choirs. Music, which hits you straight in your face, serving a taste of ashtrays filled with whiskey and beer, making you ready to hit the stage and party all night long.

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