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NIGORA//Singer//Songwriter@Fania Live


Di., 23. Jän. 2018 07:00 @ Fania Live , Wien


Nigora is Vienna-based Singer-Songwriter, was born and raised in Uzbekistan.

Considering Mozart, Beethoven und Schubert as the biggest music inspiration since the early childhood, she always wanted to get education and build her music career in Vienna. By the time she came from Tashkent to Vienna in 2011, she already had in her baggage 2 solo albums (Nafosat 2005, Tashkent 2007), a number of concerts and performances, awards as singer and pianist and Bachelor's diploma as jazz and classical pianist. She is also occupied in art music as composer and pianist and had numbers of concerts in this field in Uzbekistan, Italy and Austria.

Despite studying Musicology at Vienna University she finds it very difficult to identify and categorize her music style. It is pop, jazz and blues, soul, rock, folk at the same time. She likes to combine all of them making her own sound. She believes that her listeners can do it better.

It is to notice that Nigora has a very unordinary voice, with a rich low obertones, beautiful harmony and personal texts, with a philosophical and melancholic mood, which she prefers to write in English.

After all the years of studies, different diplomas and awards, all she wants to do now is just to play the piano and sing her heart.

Free entry (donation).

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