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Neurofunk vs. DnB w// The Clamps (FRA)@Club Spielplatz

Neurofunk vs. DnB w// The Clamps (FRA)

Fr., 31. Mär. 2017 22:00 @ Club Spielplatz , Linz

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Vor.lautt & Twisted Technique pres.:

⊙⊙⊙Neurofunk vs. Drum and Bass ⊙⊙⊙

(Trendkill Records/Blackout/Kosen)

Discovering the production universe in the late of 90’s, he honed his skills in different projects from Hardtechno to Drum & Bass, via Nuskool Break and Progressive Trance.
A few years ago, he decided to expand his musical universe in working on harder stuff and extreme sounds, merging his past influences. Finding his inspiration in the darkness and the industrial sounds, his simple motto is: Energy!

➡️ The Clamps (FRA)
(Trendkill Records, Blackout, Kosen)

➡️ Twisted Technique
(Vor.laut, Massive Playgrounds)

(Guerilla Warfare Music)

➡️ Dismatic
(Team Disziplin)

➡️ Van:Hilll
(PUSH 4 DNB, Team Disziplin)

➡️ Second Section
(NU:Vision - Strictly Drum & Bass)

➡️ MC Steezy
(Guerilla Warefare Music, Sepia)


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