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Do., 09. Mär. 2017 19:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Jonathan is a band of five close friends from Rijeka, Croatia whose paths crossed in 2011. All of them came from other bands with many years of experience but none were prepared for the instant chemistry and ease of making a whole new sound together. The band's name reflects this idea of unity, Jonathan being a metaphorical single person with a blend of character traits and whimsies from each.

Five experienced musicians have ever since been on a mission to tear down geographic and linguistic borders.
Often being compared to the big sharks of indie rock world, such as Franz Ferdinand, Editors, Interpol, Placebo or The Strokes, Jonathan built their own reputation as a full rock concert machine. Sold out concerts in the best and biggest clubs in the whole Croatia, such as the legendary rock club Palach, or Zagreb’s best club Tvornica kulture, performances on the most important festivals in the whole region such as Exit Festival, INmusic, Flow Festival, or a mini tour with Editors as their supporting act on the European tour really show that Jonathan fits into this stellar constellation.

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AK 9 €

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