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In Your Face@((stereo)) Club

In Your Face

Sa., 16. Jän. 2010 22:00 @ ((stereo)) Club , Klagenfurt

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Push Forward (Criminal Beatz / In Your Face)

Air.K (In Your Face)

Mr. Entertanic (In Your Face)
Bio DJ Fourward:

Hailing straight from lower Austria the four men collective FOURWARD
started out producing music in early 2007. The boys knew each other for
quite a while and shared the love and passion for drumandbass music .It
was kinda like a fun thing when they played around with making some
tunes at the beginning .

But soon their production skills improved very quickly and people
around them started to take notice of their musical output and it
turned into something more serious. For them it was always a main issue
not to stick to any particular tiny subgenre only, but to develop a

of their own.All members have different musical backgrounds which fit
together perfectly and provide a great studio vibe. Days went by and
the boys finished a couple of tunes properly and it wasn’t long until
Austrian drumandbass producer duo Body&Soul showed interest in
their works.

Also international artists like BBC..s very own Crissy Criss began to
support their music giving them airplay on his radio show. As a result
of their effort FOURWARD have now signed some tunes to labels of the
likes of Subsonik Sound, Planet Funk or Fokuz which are perceived very
well so far.Fourward expect the year 2009 to be a big one – being hired
for the notorious Urban Art Forms family and continuing to eagerly
develop their musical craft its inevitable that the boys will find
their way into the international drumandbass circuit.

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