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Evil Empire & whatsername  l i v e @Back to the Roots

Evil Empire & whatsername l i v e

Sa., 14. Feb. 2009 20:00 @ Back to the Roots , Apetlon

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Evil Empire is an Austrian Coverband of Rage Against The Machine, first formed in Kittsee (Burgenland)

in 2005 called "Rage 'Against???". First planned as a Side Project, the band developed to a fix, on stage band.

The band was composed of Mario (vocalist), Bernie (e-guitarist), Adam (vocalist and bassist) and drummer Dominik.

Because of differences, drummer Dominic left the band in february 2006 and Bernie in november 2006.

After the break of one year, the band's continual members are Mario on the vocal, Adam bass and vocals,

Werner on the e-guitar and the new drummer Manuel. We are "EVIL EMPIRE"

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Eintritt: € 6,-

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