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Cluster ensemble: A Transatlantic Something@Brick-5

Cluster ensemble: A Transatlantic Something

Fr., 20. Okt. 2017 07:00 @ Brick-5 , Wien

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ab 19:30h: Cluster ensemble: A transatlantic something
(Martin Burlas / Dan Cooper / Daniel Matej / Gene Pristker)

How does contemporary music sound on opposing shores of the Atlantic? How has it developed and to what extent are we familiar with it? A Transatlantic Something is an abstract link between two continents that have musically a lot in common – but at the same time know only a little of each other.

In the beginning was the concept of one of the current performances of Cluster ensemble "50/60/70" mapping the production of three generations of influential Slovak composers. For their autumn tour in Vienna, Prague and New York, Cluster ensemble has enriched its repertoire with the production of two contemporary American composers who belong to active promoters of contemporary music at home – but European audiences can be confronted with their music less often.

Daniel Matej and Martin Burlas have been shaping the sound of Slovak music for the last twenty years. Cluster ensemble has been “brought up“ on their music. Several members have been remarkably influenced by their work and thought, and the ensemble cooperates with both of them actively. Among contemporary Slovak composers, they rank among the creative and export finest.

Gene Pritsker and Dan Cooper belong to the most active figures of the New York scene nowadays. Their performances under the label “Composers Concordance” belong to the compelling events of the season. Cluster ensemble has rehearsed their compositions specifically for this project. Since the core of the ensemble consists of piano players, they are going to perform pieces for piano four hands and four players on one piano.

This result is a unique opportunity for European and American audiences to get acquainted with the work of distinct figures on both shores of the Atlantic. The works will sound in the eight-member line-up of Cluster ensemble.

This performance was supported from public funds by Slovak Arts Council - Fond na podporu umenia

Martin Burlas - Music for Róbert Dupkala (1981)
Dan Cooper - Plural of Blue (2016)
Daniel Matej - JMF for DM (2016)
Gene Pritsker - Dissecting Rembrandt (1995)
Daniel Matej - Possibile Stories (1992)

Ivan Šiller – artistic director, electric organ, piano
Fero Király – artistic director, electric organ, piano, sampler
Zuzana Biščáková – electric organ, piano
Nikolaj Nikitin – saxophone
Braňo Dugovič – clarinet, bass clarinet
Veronika Vitázková – flute, piccolo
Lenka Novosedlíková - marimba, piano
Michal Matejka – electric guitar

Entry: 15 Eur - Tickets at the door.

More info: http://www.cluster-ensemble.com
About cluster Ensemble: http://www.cluster-ensemble.com/aboutus/

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