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Ceremony [shoegaze, USA] / Alex Kelman / Manic Youth / @FLUC@Fluc / Fluc Wanne

Ceremony [shoegaze, USA] / Alex Kelman / Manic Youth / @FLUC

Di., 17. Okt. 2017 07:00 @ Fluc / Fluc Wanne , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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CEREMONY (USA, shoe-gaze)

Ceremony was formed in 2005. Since then the band toured the East Coast/USA several times and played two week in Tokyo/Japan. Ceremony played some successful shows in Germany, Italy, Denmark, The Netherlands and France.
The band is always mentioned in the same breath with other well-known musicians like Screen Vinyl Image, A Place To Bury Strangers and The Vandelles. But only Ceremony has the irresistible sound mixture of 60’s girl groups, 80’s pop and 90’s shoe-gaze. Fans all over the world love Ceremony?s catchy melodies. They outline what we all experienced, what we?re all longing for: It’s about love!


ALEX KELMAN (Russia, electro-gaze)

Music project created by Siberian artist and sound producer Alex Kelman, who was behind such critically acclaimed Russian bands as Punk TV, Hot Zex, Dsh!Dsh!, TonySoprano. ALEX KELMAN’s musical output is a mixture of beautifully noisy guitars, catchy dance beats and arresting synths, layered with captivating vocals. After releasing 2 EP’s «Songs of fake and Distortion» (2014) and «Vintage» (2015) ALEX KELMAN presented a new single «Time» and full-album «Siberian Pop», all released on his own label IceCreamDisco.


Manic Youth (A, indie/lo-fi)

manic youth. aus dem punkrock heraus gegründet. einige shows, einige drinks. timeless roughness und ein grenzenloses leben in der luft. dann später auf ein trio reduziert. trockener und glanzvoller indietrash trifft tanzbaren und greifbaren lo-fi-core. mit schweißtreibenden herzen und den 90s an den lippen spielen sie für euch. in a rocket to the sun.


Einlass: 20.00h
Eitritt: 7€

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