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Antlers, Schattenlicht & Old Time Gospel Hour@dasBACH

Antlers, Schattenlicht & Old Time Gospel Hour

Do., 04. Mai. 2017 19:30 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Old Time Gospel Hour

Antlers is a product of perseverance and resistance. Forged in roasted cauldrons, through the nine worlds and accross the seven seas. Founders and guitarists Pablo C. Ursusson and Ntx are 2 veterans of underground music that found on their way bassist Mtz and drummer M.
Antlers deliver magic and introspection made music, as they describe themselves “Ancient hymns for the Age of decay”. An unstoppable waterfall of epic riffs, punishing drums and powerful vocals, just as if the voices of the gods themselves are screaming at you all at once.
Black metal for wonderers and hermits, for battle and for meditation, for light and darkness.

VVK 7 € (zzgl. Gebühren)
VVK-Start in Kürze
AK 9 €

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