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And Platten for All - Vinyl Flohmarkt im fluc@Fluc / Fluc Wanne

And Platten for All - Vinyl Flohmarkt im fluc

So., 25. Jun. 2017 12:00 @ Fluc / Fluc Wanne , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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First record event in Vienna where you can buy great records for a recommended price.

Private collectors and professional sellers are invited to meet for a special purpose:

Let records reach as many people as possible!!!!

Students,workers,peasants,collectors,bauarbeiter,doctors,beggars ... bobos and hipsters too...

Let's buy, sell and trade records !!

Pay not more than max. 7€ per record!! (recommended).

For a stand reservation write to: mamma_musica@hotmail.com

DJs and some live music starts at 14.00h.

12.00h - 20.00h

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