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4 Jahre Phat Jam [7.9.] + Spitting Ibex // Captain Hot Dog Sauce@Schwarzberg

4 Jahre Phat Jam [7.9.] + Spitting Ibex // Captain Hot Dog Sauce

Do., 07. Sep. 2017 07:00 @ Schwarzberg , Wien

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We've all made it through another year guys, Phat Jam Vienna is alive and breathing! Thank you for the love!

Two of Vienna's most wanted bands are gonna do, what amazing bands do. The rest is up to you.

Spitting Ibex

Captain Hot Dog Sauce

on decks: Scooby Duo (Irieology x Olinclusive)

on camera: Frohsinn

doors open: 8pm
Captain Hot Dog Sauce: 9pm
followed by Spitting Ibex
followed by open jam
entry: 5

SCHWARZBERG (formerly known as ost klub - the official site)
Schwindgasse 1 (ecke Schwarzenbergplatz),
1040 Wien

Also, If you have any old but functional instruments, you can bring them to us. We will gladly take and donate them to music education programs! Same as always: you donate = you get free entry plus 2.

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