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Who? a Patchwork Tale@SASS

Who? a Patchwork Tale

Do., 09. Feb. 2012 23:00 @ SASS , Wien - Innere Stadt

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Mollono.Bass LIVE (acker, ostwind)


Nickedai & Clemens Pachta


Viennas nightlife has become one big mist of events and music.

One cannot differ between one another.

Everything looks the same, feels the same, and vanishes in Our mind!

Some people are CONTENT, but true individuals are in search of more.

9.2 We will turn Sass Music Club upside down and you will see what you have never before.

Decide for yourself !

We want every Guest to help flick our Tale and add to the Story.

Rules: * Choose ! *

TRANSFORM ▷Be a Fairy, Monster, Pornstar - it does not really matter !

CREATE ▷Bring an item to create our world.

EVOLVE ▷ be created by our Fairies at the door.

Item recommendation -> video 03.02 !

Everybody is ▷ important for the Story.

Be part of something different. Together we will forge our own Tale !

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