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Walter Etc.(us) / Knifelong

Walter Etc.(us) / Knifelong "Release" / Youth / Backwards Charm

So., 08. Apr. 2018 07:00 @ Loop , Wien

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Stray Records presents :

Walter etc. (us) formerly Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra


A band, a dude, the kegels you avoid.
A scheme, a dream,
a means to fill the Void.

Starting with 2009’s Every Town a Needs Cowboy, released under the moniker “Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra.”, Walter (Dustin Hayes) and his crew have laid out quite a discography and tour plan. Ranging from a kind of emo Jack Johnson to a stagedive encouraging (check out their live videos), sing along worthy Punk Band. The 4 nature lovers have roamed their homeland, the coast from LA to Oregon, up and down and made the occasional adventure. Now they are coming to Europe for the first time. With the new LP "Gloom Cruise" out on Lauren Records, Lame-O Records and Making New Enemies, it's a treat to look forward to !

Knifelong "Record Release Weekender"

Their first EP "Greetings From" is out on the 06th April via Backpack Records. Only playing a few shows, they have kept a low profile, but are excited to present their new EP!



Since their inception in the beginning of 2017, Youth merges the raw emo sound of the 90s with more modern interpretations of the genre, creating a melancholic and yet moving atmosphere. With catchy songs and an energetic performance they win the crowd over. Their first wonderful EP "The Difference in Us" is out since February and has already gained them a lot of fans as well as concerts.

Backwards Charm


With their first great EP emerging out of nowhere and closely followed by 2 music videos and a shit ton of shows in Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands this emo surf 4 Piece could not have started things better. Now, while their first full length is still in the making there is no sign of slowing down. Armed with sweet melodies and pain filled lyrics these charming boys will conquer your heart.

Timetable soon!

Every stagedive gets a hug !

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