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Broken Teeth & Higher Power@dasBACH

Broken Teeth & Higher Power

So., 16. Okt. 2016 20:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Broken Teeth! (uk)
Higher Power (uk)

Manchester 2007, in a scene plagued by throwaway metalcore acts, hardcore bands more concerned about their aesthetics and chasing management deals than writing a good song, BROKEN TEETH HC was born.

Setting out to do a band more in touch with the frustration and aggression that people deal with in everyday life, something more real and relatable to the three founding members of what would become a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide hardcore scene.

After years of hard work for the band, playing every show they were offered up and down the country and heading to mainland Europe for tours/weekenders/festivals whenever the opportunity presented itself, it soon paid off and they were soon being hand-picked by overseas acts such as TERROR, SICK OF IT ALL and TRAPPED UNDER ICE (to name but a few) as touring partners and the name BROKEN TEETH HC was making its stamp on the hardcore scene more and more with each tour.

Between such a hectic gigging schedule came the time to write and release three more 7” EPs, 2009’s »Self-Titled« (Power Negi), 2010’s »The Seeker« (Purgatory Records), 2012’s »Aint No Rest For The Wicked« (Purgatory Records) as well as 2014’s split 7” with THE MONGOLOIDS (Neutral Words Records/6131 Records) from New Jersey, USA, giving them the exposure to the American scene that might not have heard the name BROKEN TEETH HC before.

Following 2015’s spot on the Persistence Tour in January, an appearance at United Blood Festival in Richmond, USA in March and (probably the bands biggest show to date) Hellfest in France in the summer, they locked themselves away to finally get started on a long awaited LP. After years of members changes the three founding members had finally found a concrete line-up in old friends from the scene Nial (bass) and Matt (guitar) and were finally ready to begin work on »At Peace Amongst Chaos«.

Along with producer Nick Jett (TERROR) they set out to lay down ten tracks of pure aggression and hatred towards modern society.

With Nuclear Blast Records at the helm of putting out this destroyer of a record, the stage is set for BROKEN TEETH HC to take their heavyweight sound to a whole new level.

They only go from strength to strength so make sure to catch them in 2016 and check out »At Peace Amongst Chaos«.

VVK 10 €
AK 12 €

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