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Gm Socrates

Sa., 31. Okt. 2020 20:00 @ Bicycle New English Pub , Heimschuh


Socrates GM, a web platform launched by the American based firm, namely General Motors. This firm focuses on manufacturing vehicle parts. General Motors developed this platform mainly for their staffs. With this portal, the staffs will get to know the details about their payroll and other necessary things.

In fact, the platform helps the users to work from wherever they need.

However, if you want to use this platform, register on it with the necessary info. Once you register on it, you can sign in into this using the credentials as per your requirements.

Now, as we said to access this portal, you have to sign in. For this, first of all, browse the link: https://www.gmsocrates.online/ (gm socrates login page) on your browser. Then, fill in the credentials and select the option –login.

Features of GM Socrates

When it comes to the features of MYGM Socrates, one main feature is Employee Self-Service. This online platform makes the work process an eco-friendly one as it cuts down the usage of papers. GM Socrates is a safe platform to maintain all the employee details. Moreover, the site is user-friendly and employees can access it whenever they need it.


The frequently asked questions associated with GM Socrates are:

Q. I would like to access ESS. What should I do?

A. Visit https://www.gmsocrates.online/ and get access to the payroll details of GM Socrates.

Q. How to reset the password of GM Socrates?

A. You can reset the password by accessing gmid.gm.com. However, for this, you will require the question that you have used for password reset during the registration.

Q. Why to use GM Socrates?

A. GM Socrates helps the General Motor employees to work over the site from their preferred location. Along with this, GM Socrates decreases paper works.