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Ambasada Gavioli

Industrijska cesta 10, 6310 - Izola

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The AMBASADA is named after its architect Mr. Gavioli. It has a surface of 1600m2 and welcomes 2000 guests at night. Mr. Gavioli comes from Italy and is one of the leading names in the night club architecture. The fabulous AMBASADA takes the name after him because he once said, it is “the best project he has ever done”. In Italy, Spain and Greece Gavioli is called “maestro” and has, till this day, projected 60 night clubs all over the world. He is one of the best known architects of the “new European architecture”. The inspiration for the perfectly projected AMBASADA comes from the literature, the theatre, the cinema and the latest fashion waves. The special game of lights and the different materials used to make interior of the club give the impression to be in a wonderworld of a fairytale. To enter, means to travel in space and time, from the theatre to the world of music, from the Italian Baroque with Juliet's balcony (Romeo And Juliet) to the Baudelaire's Evil Flowers… The architecture of the club is divided in two floors: wider 'DANCE LOUNGE' and smaller, more intimate 'MEZZANINE', which is connected with a glass wall, that allows visual and programming contact of rooms. The right formula to connect the variety of so many different scenes in a big theatre, like the AMBASADA GAVIOLI, is by using many different materials like wood, white stoneand copper, melted in an original Mediterranean stile. With some technical inovations in a Gavioli's style, the architect succeded in giving warmth and intimacy to the place. The program of Ambasada Gavioli bases on the sound fusion of modern directives in club music. The concept of clubbing techno futurism, pouring over the whole spectre of fast and dynamic music variations, is the rhythmical pulse of the dance lounge, which is united with the sound of modern house, combined with future beat rhythms in mezzanine. The sound of Ambasada Gavioli is provided once or twice per month, when modern club music is presented live. The program is carried out by well known DJs residents and other artists, from all over the world. Some of the names that played at AMBASADA GAVIOLI are: Carl Cox (UK), John Digweed (UK), David Morales (USA), Sven Väth (Germany), Laurent Garnier (France), Tiësto (Netherlands), Paul Oakenfold (UK), Erick Morillo (USA), Paul Van Dyk (Germany), Richie Hawtin (Canada), Jeff Mills (USA), Desyn Masiello (UK), Valentino Kanzyani (Slovenia), Umek (Slovenia), Eric Prydz (Sweden), Monika Kruse (Germany), Thomas Schumacher (Germany), Christian Smith (UK), Timo Maas (Germany), Barbara Tucker (USA), Boris Dlugosch (Germany), Bob Sinclar (France), David Guetta (France), (Christopher Lawrence (USA) and many more. The future of Ambasada Gavioli is based on rich music and program experience. With this, the ideal formula of clubbing identity is immortalised. It will join and open the entrance to new, arriving trends and with this enable the evolution and bring forward the new club symbols – the flag of Ambasada Gavioli. The AMBASADA GAVIOLI is not just a club, it is an institution that promotes important themes from the world of art, culture, nature etc. By organising shows and other kinds of projects it tries to expand peoples cultural and artistic horizons in this part of Europe. The many different influences that come to us from Austria and Germany bring progressive rhythms delicately mixed with electronic sounds that melt with warm melodies from overseas and Italy. Izola with the view of Mediterranean offers all that. AMBASADA GAVIOLI unites young people from Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and Austria. With their picturesque expressions fills the rhythmical fusion of techno and house, subtle completed with modern future beat. This is the connection that unites artists from all over the world and famous residents, already on the top of European hit parades. AMBASADA GAVIOLI is the temple of the new club-culture that unites the old conventional with the new futuristic movements in its own original way. The fun, the energy, the colours, the music these are the ingredients for a successful start of a third millennium, that distinguish AMBASADA GAVIOLI from any other club. The fun, the energy, the colours, the music these are the ingredients for a successful start of a third millennium, that distinguish AMBASADA GAVIOLI from any other club.


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