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Vario Volinski@Rauch Club

Vario Volinski

Sa., 24. Aug. 2013 22:00 @ Rauch Club , Feldkirch

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Dear Donna Summer; please excuse our English but life is not the yellow of the egg and our beloved Englischteacher is gone because of a Bildungsreform. Aber on the other hand you are sicherlich in Himmel now, and there everybody has ja the most erstaunlichen Fähigkeiten; like man hört sich.
So you will be able to understand us ziemlich easily. Also, dear Donna, now you have all reason to freu you. Because your Einfluss still goes on as you can see in our Hitparade. Vario Volinski is dort. And was macht Vario Volinski? He do House! Pur House. No, we don´t mean PUR, the terrible Deutschrockgroup from Germany. We mean pur im Sinne of "rein" ok? Also: Vario Volinski make pur House. And (and now we come to the really Punkt) you were the Göttin of Discomucke. We still remember your wonderful sexy stöhning in the famous 17-Minute long Stöhntrack "Love to Love you Baby", which we really loved obwohl we the Übersetzung "Lieben zu lieben dich Kleinkind" nie really kapiert haben. Naja sponge above. Jedenfalls: Thank you for all you did for our Bewusstsein for modern Discosound, Donna! The Vario Volinski Track wäre completely unthinkbar without you!

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