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The Barstool Preachers (Uk) live in Vienna@Chelsea Musicplace

The Barstool Preachers (Uk) live in Vienna

Di., 26. Jun. 2018 07:00 @ Chelsea Musicplace , Wien - Josefstadt

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Bf Vienna presents:
The Bar Stool Preachers (punk/indie/ska/...uk)
Nach diversen Support Shows für Cock Sparrer, die Toten Hosen oder auch in Wien für The Slackers geht diese Ausnahme Band nun endlich auf Solo Europa Tour und Wien ist mit dabei!

Are The Bar Stool Preachers the best thing to happen to new music since somebody hit two sticks together and called it drums? Well according to the success they’ve had in their first year, the words of critics and packed out shows across the UK and mainland Europe ... they might just be ...

One listen to any of their tracks is enough to hook you in and if you see the band live, chances are, you’ll leave a fan for life.

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