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Šopron Shuffle #12: Škorić / Krispel Duo & TBA@dasBACH

Šopron Shuffle #12: Škorić / Krispel Duo & TBA

Di., 05. Dez. 2017 07:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Šopron Shuffle #12 - Škorić / Krispel Duo & TBA

*anti fascist free music duo*
- Aleksandar Škorić - drums (SRB/NL)
- Markus Krispel – saxophones (AT)

Aleksandar Škorić and Markus Krispel met and played the first time at the Improcon Festival (http://improcongress.org/) in Croatia ending up with a crush on each others energies and style to experience spirits rejoice. They were invited to play a duo - gig at Jazziré Festival for imvovised and exploratory music in Serba and decided to arrange a tour through Austria, Hungary and Serbia around the invitation.
Aleksandar Škorić is the drummer of the Charles Gayle Trio, Markus Krispel started to play the Saxophone mainly ´cause of witnessing a Charles Gayle Concert in the late 90ies.


The second Ensemble of the evening is still going to be announced.

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