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NU:Vision ► Strictly DnB im GEI Musikclub, Timelkam@GEI Musikclub

NU:Vision ► Strictly DnB im GEI Musikclub, Timelkam

Fr., 16. Dez. 2016 21:30 @ GEI Musikclub , Timelkam

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NU:Vision geht in die 4. Runde, diesmal mit A.M.C. aus England kommt einer der besten DJs der Szene und der Label Boss von Titan Records in das GEI Timelkam.
Gewinner vieler Awards wie zB 'Best D&BTV Live Set' 2010, 'Best Newcomer DJ' in 2011 und 'Best DJ' Czech Republic Drum & Bass Awards 2015.


► A.M.C (Dj A.M.C)◄ Titan Records / UK

A.M.C Titan Records CEO is without a single doubt the most impressing dj-talent to emerge from the UK in recent years.
He was discovered by the gang behind Drum&Bass Arena and was made resident of Drum&Bass Arena’s D&BTV when it first came about.
Subsequently in 2010 he won 'Best D&BTV Live Set' and repeated this a year later while also winning 'Best Newcomer Dj" in 2011.
Most recently he has won “Best Dj” at the Czech Republic Drum & Bass Awards 2015 beating the likes of Andy C, Friction, Marky and more.
A.M.C is the head honcho behind the drum and bass label imprint "Titan Records" which has immediately proved its self to be among the top drum and bass labels in the world.
Even though he is heavily into producing these days, the main focus is still on his dj sets: big combos, astonishing double and triple drops, speed mixing and combining classics and dubplates: he does it all.
With a very large and continually growing dj schedule A.M.C is definitely the name to watch for the future.



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> 21:30

AK: 10 EUR (ab 16 Jahren)
GEI Saisonkarte 5 EUR

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