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Nachtschwimmer w Excess Amsterdam@Pratersauna

Nachtschwimmer w Excess Amsterdam

Mi., 12. Okt. 2016 23:00 @ Pratersauna , Wien - Leopoldstadt

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In Amsterdam beginnt die ADE, wir brinegen einen kleinen Vorgeschmack auf dieses tolle Musikevent in die Pratersauna
☞Jayco (Excess/The Movement/Amsterdam)
www.soundcloud.com/jayzodj www.twitter.com/jayzodj www.youtube.com/jayzodj

☞Zett Feral (Exces/The Movement/ADE/Amsterdam)

☞Danny Murano (Subforce/Salzburg)
☞Crazy Sonic (Tronic/Wien)

low entry
Jayzo is a deep house – tech house – techno DJ and event organizer from Amsterdam/The Hague, Netherlands.
Give him a big venue, a lounge club or an intimate underground club, his sets are always influenced by the place he loves playing at the most: the beach. Jayzo started dj’ing at Scheveningen beach back in 2010 where he fell in love with the magic of soulful house together with sun, sea and sand. Driven by this passion he became the resident dj of clubs at this beach, which he till this day is during the summers.
In the club scene Jayzo tends to high energetic techno, but never fails to refer to his beach background in his sets. After all, beautiful experiences should be shared, right? As head of the underground concept Excess The Movement, Jayzo makes his way through the Amsterdam scene, with monthly parties in a/o Sugarfactory.

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