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Inire - Shipwreck Score@Brick-5

Inire - Shipwreck Score

Fr., 06. Sep. 2013 20:00 @ Brick-5 , Wien

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INIRE multimedia stage performances are realisations of audiovisual metaphors, based on digital rereading and re-writing of myths, as well as the deconstruction of archetypes and traditional texts. Inire’s stage productions are created with multiple sensory channels, combining interpenetrating levels of sound, images and words – generated by electronic and electroacoustic instruments – such as soundscapes, samplers, analog synthesizer, electric double bass as well as live video, singing, speaking or live writing. Since their formation in 2001, they realised multiple audiovisual projects such as Hermetic Garden (2001), Septem Sermones ad Mortuos (2004),Traces (2007), Atalanta Fugiens (2009), Dante’s Songs (2010),  Chopintimacy (2010), Re-membering re-called (2011), Shipwreck score (2012) and Mémoire obsolète (2013).
INIRE focus on postmodern philosophy, structures of myths and communication theory, using new media ways of expression. They have presented their performances at various festivals, art reviews and galleries in France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK and Poland. Performance Shipwreck score is composed of sounds and pictures of shipwreck remains, collected during documentations on eastern coast of Iceland. These field recordings, processed and combined with generated audio and visual datas, were used here to construct the structure of tense electroacoustic harmony. Important element of it’s construction is spoken word, singing and melodeclamations, which mix thorouhgly electronic world with natural human expression. Performance includes elements of reception and deconstruction of natural phenomena modified in synthetic processes. In this context, an important issue is the question of the dependencies between human, nature and machine. 
Performance was shown at:
Generative ArtLab, Lucca
Kinetica Art Fair, London
In Progress at Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk
and autumn the show will be show at:
Audio Art Festival in Cracov
Audio Genrative Design Lab, Milano

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