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EBB & Friends pt 2 - ANNIX (Playaz / UK)@P.P.C.

EBB & Friends pt 2 - ANNIX (Playaz / UK)

Fr., 01. Sep. 2017 07:00 @ P.P.C. , Graz

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EBB & Friends - PART 2

Mainfloor D&B

➔ ANNIX (Playaz, UK)

➔ Support
Blinde Judge (Contrast, Wien)
Twisted Technique (Vor.Laut, Graz/NÖ)
Grimetime (Beat Supreme, Graz)
Dizfunktion (Kill Tomorrow, OÖ)
Anthropic & Klaahs (eBB, Graz)
Geostatic (eBB, Graz)

Host: Ael Mc (eBB, Graz)
Visualisierung: Visiokratie

2nd Floor
OPEN DECKS ab 22 Uhr
bei Interesse - PN an ehrliches BUM BUM

Doors: 22 Uhr
Eintritt: 10,- <00> 12,-
Ermäßigung an der AK mit EBB3-Stoffband
VVK @ Sparkasse
Einritt ab 16 Jahren.

about ANNIX
Having cemented themselves firmly as one of the hottest prospects in the UK Drum and Bass scene, it is with no surprise that that Annix’s debut album ‘Inception’ has been regarded as one of the most anticipated underground releases of the year. Consisting of members Konichi and Decimal Bass, Annix have been slaves to the studio since early 2006, identifying their musical backgrounds as the driving force behind their passion for Drum and Bass.
[...] https://www.facebook.com/pg/annixmusic/about/

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