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Deep Baked presents: RED AXES@Grelle Forelle

Deep Baked presents: RED AXES

Fr., 20. Mai. 2016 23:00 @ Grelle Forelle , Wien

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Hivern Discs / Tel Aviv

# https://soundcloud.com/redaxes
# https://www.facebook.com/redaxesmusic

Aleksej Levski / Baha / Ferenc Merker
Ralf Jakob / Francis Conrad

| www.deepbaked.at
| soundcloud.com/deepbaked
| www.grelleforelle.com


# Artist-Info:

In some corners of the internet, people still argue over which is better—rock or electronic music. Henry Rollins' famous 2001 standup routine on "shitty rave music" talked up the oil-and-water nature of guitar bands and dance culture, but even back then this idea was coming apart. When James Murphy sang about these opposing camps a year later on "Losing My Edge" ("I was the first guy playing Daft Punk to the rock kids / Everybody thought I was crazy") he was foreshadowing a broad shift in attitude as well as taste. Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, AKA Red Axes, aren't the first to apply house's rhythmic precision to guitar licks and weathered drum kits, but few have managed to stretch the raw fidelity of a band into so many moreish, DJ-friendly shapes.
For a duo whose music is now widely embraced, they had plenty of people to convince on their return from Amsterdam. When Sadovnik told his parents he was quitting tennis to join a band, they sort of understood. When he told them he was going to become a DJ, the generational gap began to yawn. "For the band, it was easier to relate," said Sadovnik, "because it's a band. But electronic music, you know—'What are you doing?' For older people, when they think about electronic music they don't like it. They think it's like, boom-boom-boom and that's it. It takes time to understand."

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