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Decoded Feedback, ROOT4 & Guests at Viper Room Wien@Viper Room

Decoded Feedback, ROOT4 & Guests at Viper Room Wien

Do., 31. Aug. 2017 20:00 @ Viper Room , Wien - Landstrasse

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Eventmanagement-ffm und Electronic Transformers Tour präsentieren Decoded Feedback - Official Base aus Canada und ROOT4 und e-bit aus Deutschland sowie Dark Side Eons aus Polen in Europa!

Wer Lust auf Party hat darf das nicht verpassen! Denn wir machen PARTY!

Decoded Feedback, the ever-evolving duo comprised of Yone Dudas and Marco Biagiotti, are back in the studio working hard on their next album. After the major success of their last CD "disKonnekt" and German tour with Covenant, they eagerly anticipate touring in 2013 and the release of their not-yet-titled ninth album in early 2014. Formed in the mid-nineties, the band's dark electro-industrial style immediately caught the attention of labels on both sides of the Atlantic and garnered success on a number of radio charts including the prestigious German Alternative Charts (DAC). Decoded Feedback have also had tremendous success on the stage and have played many major festivals both in Europe and North America. With a deep catalogue, a live show refined from years of performance and a new found enthusiasm, Decoded Feedback are poised to make 2014 their best year to-date! And now they come to Europe!
ROOT4 – the unique sound is a blend of electro and parts of EBM.
The aggressive, "in-yer-face" stage presence makes ROOT4 one of the most striking acts of the electro scene. Live drumming is part of the program, and ROOT4 does not hesitate to experiment effectively with instruments that are rather unusual for this genre, overwhelming audiences with innovative sounds and tough-as-nails beats.
The band's performance, the expressive vocals and the versatile synthie-sounds make for an intense and captivating experience, and the songs have a way of etching their way deep into the listener's mind.
Dark Side Eons
Dark Side Eons is a duo from Poland playing Electro-Industrial / Dark Wave / Electro Wave. Leszek "Morph" Trzaska (vocals, guitar, compositions) was a singer and bassist in many metal / hard rock projects since year 2000 and he created Dark Side Eons in 2012. Kate "Moonskin" Trzaska (synthesizer / programming) joined the band in 2014 and in the same year Dark Side Eons started to play first live shows. Musical style was crystalized in 2015 after many days of hard work under the sounds and melodies, the same year Kate and Leszek created most of the songs for their first release. Dark Side Eons played many gigs in years 2015 – 2016, always with possitive feedback, and in 2016 band has won an opportunity to play on the biggest gothic festiwal in Austria – Schattenwelt Festival 2016. In 2017 the band will be playing at Castle Party Festival in Poland.
Music of Dark Side Eons is multidimensional, each song is a story, a journey through time, dimensions, and the endless, cold universe. Kate and Leszek take their inspirations not only from electronic music, they are also big fans of minimal wave, dark wave, cold wave, gothic rock and post-punk music. These inspirations can be heard in their compositions, and this is something that makes their style unique.
2 born in Berlin, which in October 2011 met first time at a concert in Berlin and in its first week identical musical preferences and projects swam on the same shaft. After a long night at the bar, where they met and euphoric through their shared passion philosophized, they arranged to meet for a jam session in which they both their passion could give tonal expression. Further meetings followed and soon the first song was recorded. Until April 2013, songs were recorded at various studios in Berlin, then they decided to rent a own studio and officially do together as a musical duo under the name e-bit. Since then, is produced constantly. This extraordinary combination of cool electro and a warm voice let the overall concept harmonize outstandingly well.

Der offizielle VVK läuft über Eventim!


31.08.2017 (AUT) Wien, Viper Room (1,2,3)
01.09.2017 München, Backstage Club (1,2,3)
02.09.2017 (CZE) Pilsen, Kalikovak Club (1,2,3)
03.09.2017 Erfurt, From Hell (2,3)
04.09.2017 Berlin, Frannz Club (1,2,3)
06.09.2017 Hannover, Subkultur (1,3)
07.09.2017 Frankfurt, Nachtleben (1,3,5)
08.09.2017 Bochum, Rockpalast (3,4,5)
09.09.2017 (NLD) Eygelshoven, A Genne Komm (1,3,4)
10.09.2017 Hamburg, HeadCRASH (1,3,6)
1 Termine mit Co-Headliner ROOT4
2 Termine mit e-bit
3 Termine mit Dark Side Eons
4 Termine mit Jesus Complex
5 Termine mit X-O Planet
6 Termine mit Emotional Violence


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