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AFK + Leaves&Cassis Acoustic Concert at Loop@Loop

AFK + Leaves&Cassis Acoustic Concert at Loop

Di., 24. Okt. 2017 07:00 @ Loop , Wien

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Am Dienstag, 24. Oktober bringen wir, AFK und Leaves & Cassis, das Loop zum Schwingen. Ein entspannter Acoustic-Abend, mit Musik, in die man sich hinein fallen lässt.

Alpine Flamenco - This trio, consisting of two guitars and a cajon, are literaly AFK - away from keyboard. They refer to their musical styl humoursly as 'Alpine Flamenco'. With their own compositions, performed on a virtuos cloud of sweeping harmonies and rhythms, accompanied by the beat of the cajon, they will not only make your feet move.

Atreju: caj.
Fips Funk: guit.,
Kim Inseop: guit.


Mellow Funk - a combination of jazzy-spherical harmonies with the spirit of funkiness. The lyrics, both in English and 'auf Deutsch', deal with topics like the unpredictability of life or try to capture feelings like hope, desire or the experience of beauty. Leaves and Cassis - the deep green and the deep purple

Melissa MaHoney: voc., guit.
Fips Funk: guit., voc.

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