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The Queues /CZ & Mara Jade /CZ@Café Carina

The Queues /CZ & Mara Jade /CZ

Di., 02. Mai. 2017 20:00 @ Café Carina , Wien - Josefstadt

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Zirkon & Café Carina present:

Entry: for FREEEE!!!
Stagetime: tba

The Queues (CZ) Znojmo - Lo-Fi Garage Punk/Rock´n´roll
bc: https://thequeues.bandcamp.com/releases

The Queues are two piece lo-fi garage punk rock’n’roll band from Znojmo, Czech Republic. It is a combination of massive deep sound of bass and dirty distorted guitar with an energic drums playing that is creating specific genre of garage punk. Guitarists equipment allows him to play guitar amp as well as the bass amp at the same time so the final sound is more spicy. The magic between two players on the stage and their dirty badass address is addictive.

Mara Jade (CZ) Středočeský - Emo/Punk
bc: https://marajade.bandcamp.com/

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