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Raging Death PL, Gallower PL + Wildhunt@dasBACH

Raging Death PL, Gallower PL + Wildhunt

Fr., 17. Nov. 2017 07:00 @ dasBACH , Wien

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Triple Speed/Black/Thrash Attack!

Raging Death is a thrashing horde from Żory, Poland. They're playing since 2010, and they've played around 50 shows in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. Also, they've played on same stage with polish thrash legend - Wolf Spider, czech death metal giants - Hypnos, veterans of extreme metal - Master, and legendary Testament! Their debut album was released by italian label Punishment 18 Records on April 28th 2015. In September, band released their new single, "Taste the Steel", which was available on cassette through Destruction Records, the reedition is out by Fukk Records.


Witching metal band from Silesia in Poland playing in vein of 1st wave black metal/teutonic hordes. They've debuted with "Witch Hunt is On" demo in 2015 released by Shadow Kingdom Records. In 2016 they've released second demo "Through the Gallows". Both demo's are available on CD by Under The Tyrant's Banner Productions. In future they are planning to record their first LP and then promote it around Europe. Until now they've only played gigs in Poland. Gallower's main influences are bands such as Sodom, Destruction, Venom, Sabbat, Bathory.
Band members:
Tzar - Bass/Vocals
Nocturnitier - Guitars
Speedfire - Drums
Tonight we hunt!


Founded in the depths of a sepulchral Carinthian cellar in late 2011 by guitarist/vocalist Wolfgang Elwitschger and drummer Lukas Roth, WILDHUNT soon arose from the dungeons and were prepared for the hunt. In late 2012 Benjyi Breeg joined their way on bass and completed the line-up. Relocating to Vienna in 2013 allowed them to increase efficiency and get involved in a bigger musical movement.

With their energetic music they soon rushed all over Austria and conquered a number of foreign stages including countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Poland and Belgium sharing stage with brothers in arms spreading their vision of technical speed/thrash metal.

After signing with METAL ON METAL RECORDS accompanied with the release of WILDHUNT's press-praised first full-length, "Descending", the single "Made Man" was released via YouTube, gaining new fans steadily since.

Over the years, some guitar line-up changes marked their way. WILDHUNT are now flying as 4 piece again, incorporating their new string-sorcerer and buddy Julian Malkmus on guitar.


PLUS Vinyl After Show Party till Total Destruction!

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