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Make jokes, not wars - Volume VI@Loop

Make jokes, not wars - Volume VI

So., 05. Nov. 2017 07:00 @ Loop , Wien

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It's time for the sixth edition of "Make Jokes, not Wars" and November's Rain won't stop us from having some laughs. Same place and time as always, with different programme and few new and some already familiar faces. I hope all of you will be wearing your partici-pants (Get it? Puns so cool…), because we have a game where everyone can participate and win some free drinks.

Hosts: Rami Spasov - Comedy & Tamas Vamos - Comedy
Cast: Jack Holmes
Reginald Bärris Comedy
Isabel Meili
Sviatoslav Maryniak
Sonja Pikart

Gates open: 19:00
Show starts: around 19:45

No ticket purchase in advance needed. If you enjoy the show, we will have a little donations hat, where you can make a donation to the church of Saint LOL and the Virgin Comedian.
Table reservations are very recommended and possible in any language on "loop@loop.co.at".
Note: This event is happening in the non-smoking area, reserved tables will be given away if you don't show up until 19:45.

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