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Kunst Uni Graz feat. The Undefined Quartet@ZWE

Kunst Uni Graz feat. The Undefined Quartet

Do., 08. Dez. 2016 19:30 @ ZWE , Wien

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Die Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz präsentiert eine Jamsession der Studierenden...

"The Undefined Quartet"
Svitlana Varava, vocal;
Filip Pavić, guitar;
Tobias Steinrück, bass;
Szescő Szendrödy, drums

After a year of existence we turned out having two "faces", two sides of the music we play. On one hand we have a constantly increasing repertoire of jazz standards, on the other hand a certain quantity of songs that I wrote, and I am having trouble placing them into any style (talking about undefined...) This night we are going to present a little bit of both.
Don't miss our debut Vienna performance!
Svitlana Varava

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