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Groove Coverage live im Sugarfree-Ried@Sugarfree

Groove Coverage live im Sugarfree-Ried

Fr., 16. Mär. 2018 22:00 @ Sugarfree , Tumeltsham

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After 3 (much too) long years without new Groove Coverage singles they released late 2010 the song “Innocent” as their first single with Sony Music Colombia and continued the remarkable story of success.
From 2002 till 2007 the crew (Dj Novus, Singer Mell) were undoubtedly one of the most important and influencing Dance-Music acts. All their singles and albums reached top sales chart-positions.
The Act’s latest album before the break was a real Best Of album including all the highlights like “Moonlight Shadow”, “God Is A Girl”, “Poison” and many others. The musical concept was and is brilliant and successful: an unique sense for mostly rather melancholic hit-hooklines combined with pumpin beats and high production skills led their ideas to the top of the chart-lists.
But Groove Coverage are also border-breakers, they are fond of picking melodies of very different genres for creating the hits, like they did with rock songs like “Poison” or bad Religion’s “21st century digital Girl”, “She”, on the other side, is based on a German X-Mas song and “On the radio” on a song
of Germany’s most popular a-cappella act Die Prinzen.
But Germany and even Europe wasn’t enough for Groove Coverage – they are known almost around the planet including Asia, America, Australia, Africa. Almost every single was released internationally and Mell and Novus visited various countries during the years and entertained the crowd.
With “Innocent” they took a trip down memory lane as this is a cover-version of the 1989 hit of Anita Hegerland which has been written by mike Oldfield who also created their first hit “Moonlight Shadow” But Groove Coverage wouldn’t be Groove Coverage if they wouldn’t surprise again. Their current
release “Angeline” is about to top the last singles and to enter the highest chart-positions. It is already no. 1 in the Musicload Download-Charts, in front of all the current US-megastars.
The video for “Angeline” is unique , too, as for a part of the clip Groove Coverage invited hundreds of fans to a club to celebrate with their idols. The big party has been recorded and the good mood is very present in the clip. Apart from that, a very charismatic “Angeline” was found to join the story and
spread the feeling of the song in a perfect way.

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