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EBB & Friends [part 1] MethLab DJ (CZ)@Postgarage

EBB & Friends [part 1] MethLab DJ (CZ)

Sa., 26. Aug. 2017 07:00 @ Postgarage , Graz

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EBB & Friends - PART 1

➔ MLDJ (Methlab Recordings // CZ)

MLDj is not a person, it's a concept. MLDJ exists to bring you the pure and uncompromising sound of MethLab.


➔ Local Support

Nu:Lane & Rowdie (Schallware)
Lowder (Kinetic)
Moodular (eBB)
Peflex & Encrypt (eBB)
FlexOo (Massive Playgrounds)

Host of the Night: AEL Mc

Doors: 22 Uhr, 2nd Floor
VVK ab 21.8. @ steiermärkische Sparkasse
Ab 18 Jahren!

EBB3-Stoffbänder solange der Vorrat reicht

about Methlab

MethLab represents artists from the cutting edge of the tech-fuelled electronic spectrum - focussing on the exploration of the fringes of forward-thinking sonic concepts. We push aphotic electronic bass music, created by pioneering individuals who aren't afraid to break away from the pack and are so unique in their abilities that their ever-growing audiences follow their continual experimentation.
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