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Ascending Waves present Vladimir Ivkovic@Grelle Forelle

Ascending Waves present Vladimir Ivkovic

Di., 05. Jän. 2016 23:00 @ Grelle Forelle , Wien

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[Tuesday, January 5th, 11 PM]


Ξ Vladimir Ivkovic [Offen Music | Salon des Amateurs | DE]

Lunatic music lover, resident at Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf and Lablehead by Offen Music. Vladimir began playing a pivotal role in Beograd's first “house” parties in the earliest 90s, soundtracking this surreal gatherings at the sea. It's probably impossible to track down the musical footprint, that defines the sound, one can wintess within the adventerous and eclectic selections of this guy. A DJ for DJs, hopping between all different kinds of music and sound with an ear for the exquisite and different.

Ξ Goldcut Crates [Ascending Waves | AT]
Ξ Simon Heidemann [Ascending Waves | AT]

Kitchen hosted by Salto Capitale


Ξ Kobermann [Ascending Waves |AT]
Ξ Marie [Salto Capitale | AT]
Ξ Erdball [Salto Capitale | AT]

Grafik by Andrea Ida


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