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Originals Night at Cafe Carina@Café Carina

Originals Night at Cafe Carina

Mi., 21. Feb. 2018 07:00 @ Café Carina , Wien - Josefstadt

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Those Angry Men will be playing an original music night in Cafe Carina with a full band and lots of energy. We are excited to share our own music with the people of Vienna. Can't wait to see you folks there.

Those Angry Men is an international group of musicians with a unique blend of acoustic rock'n'roll that is steeped in classic rock with a pinch of funk to top it off.
From the smoky voice of Irish born Chris Slevin to precise licks the riffs of lead guitarist; Guido Kirchner. Add a bass slapping Italian; Riccardo Alberio and Claudia Heidegger, a classically trained Austrian violinist and you have yourself a interesting aural experience.

If you like classic rock'n'roll then this is for you.

It Goes Down https://youtu.be/HoRfdeWL2Ro
Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/at/album/it-goes-down-ep/id1000376626?l=en

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